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Crash Data Retrieval (CDR)

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Crash Data Retrieval is a system which extracts pre-crash data from vehicles which experience an airbag deployment, or in many instances a non-deployment event.  The extracted data may support reconstruction methods including momentum and crush analysis.

Currently, almost every vehicle manufacturer 2012 to present is availalble for a CDR download.  However, many vehicles prior to 2012 as far back as 1994 are also available for download.

The extracted information could include:

  • Change in Velocity (Delta V)

  • Speeds prior to impact.

  • Brake usage

  • RPM

  • Percentage of throttle

  • Steering input

  • Seatbelt usage

CDR data has met the Frye standard of admissibility in all 50 states.

Crash Data Retrieval: About
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