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Accident Reconstruction

Closing Velocity Inc. provides a detailed review and analysis of every accident scene.  We understand the questions which need to be answered to best support our clients.  The accident reconstruction process involves a thorough review of police reports and diagrams, collection of essential evidence from the accident scene and involved vehicles before a final written opinion is developed.  Our final reports are easy to follow and will clearly illustrate the incident details.  The following are some of the services involved in our accident reconstruction process:


Inspection of Involved Vehicles

  • Damage Evaluations

  • Seat Belt, Headlamp and Tire Examination

  • Detailed Photographs

  • Crash Data Retrieval

  • Scale Measurements


Accident Site Inspection

  • Detailed Photographs

  • Roadway Evidence Collection

  • Damaged Property, Off-Road Evidence Collection

  • Accident Site Measurements to Scale (via Total Station)

  • Roadway Friction Determination (VC4000 Accelerometer)

  • Documentation of Visibility Concerns

Accident Reconstruction: Services
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