Initial Consultations

Payment Due
Invoices will be due and payable upon receipt. Closing Velocity, Inc reserves the right to
charge an additional fee for those accounts which pass more than thirty (30) days over
due. Services are invoiced upon completion. Invoices contain a description of hours billed.
Additional fees increase for those accounts sixty (60) days over due. An account is
considered delinquent when it has not been paid in full ninety (90) days past the invoice
date. Closing Velocity, Inc reserves the right to cancel any further services if recipient of
said services is delinquent on any account.

Local travel
For accident reconstrction services, travel is billed at the listed hourly rate and mileage
does not apply. For purchases of crash data retrieval only, mileage will be billed at $0.50
per mile in addition to the CDR flat rate.

Non-local travel
Non-local travel expenses are billed at actual cost in addition to any hourly rate or mileage
Non-local travel expenses include, but are not limited to, airfare, hotel accommodations,
rental car services, meals, etc...

Miscellaneous Costs
All miscellaneous costs incurred are billed at actual cost, including, but not limited to film
developing, court exhibits, computer services, mail, courier services, etc...

In some cases, Closing Velocity, Inc may need to subcontract some portion of our listed
services. Subcontracting is only conducted by other certified accident reconstructionists
and may require extra fees. Any extra fees will be explained prior to any services being
rendered. We will not subcontract without your consent.

Data Available
The actual data available via crash data retrieval is contingent upon the specific make
and model of the vehicle. Vehicle coverage changes often. Please call for details.  When
dealing with significant accidents, there is always the possibility that data normally
collected within a vehicle’s airbag control module might be irretrievable, such as collisions
where there was power loss prior to completed recording. In such cases, customers are
still responsible for full payment of any crash data retrieval services.
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Technical Accident
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